Lauren/You One shots

Lauren/You One shots

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One shots. 

Send in requests if you want! 


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TheaHarmon TheaHarmon Aug 20, 2017
I'm allergic to cologne damn stuff make me sneeze and gives me a scratchy throat along with headaches urgh I hate it so much >.<
dinahsvaginah dinahsvaginah Aug 12, 2017
This reminds me of that spongebob episode where he gets the suds and Patrick does every thing he can to not get him to the hospital but Sandy has to take him and....yeah
bruhdatsuck bruhdatsuck Jan 02
omg yall at kid version of me i'd always look around sneaky my mom at 1AM by going to the living room just only to watch Kim Possible on Disney Channel  bc i got school at first schedule episode so i kinda have to watch it after midnight 
                              *tbh i miss my childhood
PhantomtoaghostGhost PhantomtoaghostGhost Aug 11, 2017
I'm sorry, but I almost laughed at myself because I just imagined me saying that in a Donald Duck voice.
BlueRedG52 BlueRedG52 Sep 13, 2017
When she drop it bounce it like a yoyo 
                              Oh My God
                              You look good today
                              Oh My God
dinahsvaginah dinahsvaginah Aug 12, 2017
Your heart doesn't stop when you sneeze because if you did you'll die, it changes rythym yes but it doesn't stop