~The Carnival~ A Larroth/Gaurence Fanfiction~

~The Carnival~ A Larroth/Gaurence Fanfiction~

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JallieJams By JallieJams Updated Jan 03, 2016

This is a fanfic that starts on the third sidestory episode of Autumn Minecraft, during the carnival. It will mostly take Laurence's P.O.V., in case any of you are wondering. This is my first fanfic, so updates may be a little slow, plus most writing will be done on mobile. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy this Larroth/Gaurence fanfic.


EDIT: This story is mostly completed, and I will not be making a chapter beyond fifteen. I am sorry to all of those who really did love this, but I just lost interest. If you are a new reader, please don't hesitate to read! Even if it's now stopped, I hope you still can enjoy it. Thank you for all of your support and kind words ♥

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Starminecrafters23 Starminecrafters23 May 07, 2017
Cause u cant help but feel the urge of unwillingness love emotions.....*and the whole garrence fandom that pushes u together hehe*
CourtneyOnidi CourtneyOnidi Sep 13, 2017
Excuse me I'm pretty sure Autocorrect got you cause I see Aphmau not Garroth! XD (I suck at jokes)
djdjfmntt djdjfmntt Apr 12, 2017
I was kind of confused on this part not gonna lie, I get it now doe so it's all good
user11017891 user11017891 Sep 04, 2017
I have never fangirled before congrats your story made ME fan girl when none other could *claps*
vCardvinaradio vCardvinaradio Aug 09, 2016
Du he will always be the stutter king no matter what (fangling in side trying not to squil
XXMiunaHctibXx XXMiunaHctibXx Jan 12, 2017
Nothin much just reading some fsnfics and stuff ya know. The usual fangirl life.