One Shot ( Request Exo Smut )

One Shot ( Request Exo Smut )

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 Requests are open...

Read A/N for more info

(Never did this before)
                              Name: Sae Yeon
                              Bias: Chanyeol
                              Bias Wrecker: Baekhyun
                              Info: Wavy brown hair and black eyes
                              Thanks in advance
                              (Sorry if I'm wasting ur time)
fiownsii fiownsii Jun 26
(first time lol)
                              name: arra
                              bias: kai
                              bias wrecker: yixing 
                              info: black straight hair and brown eyes
                              gomawooo and sorry for disturbing you lol
baekhunlay baekhunlay Jul 12
Name: Kaniz
                              Bias: Baekhyun
                              Bias wrecker: Lay & Chanyeol
                              Info: long straight black hair & light black eyes & I'm 5'3"
Name: Eun Ri
                              Bias: Lay and Chanyeol
                              Info: long black straight hair. Chocolate brown eyes
I don't want to use my real name. If that's okay.
                              Name: Seohyun
                              Bias: Kyungsoo and ChanYeol
                              Bias Wrecker: Baekhyun
                              Long hair. Blue eyes.
Name: Lea
                              Look: blonde, blue eyes
                              Bias: Chanyeol
                              Wrecker: Baekhyun