One Shot ( Request Exo Smut )

One Shot ( Request Exo Smut )

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 Requests are open...

Read A/N for more info

Name: Riley
                              Bias: Chanyeol
                              Bias wrecker: don't have one (Channie is my one and only)
Hi! Can you write one for me? ^^
                              Name: Aemi
                              Bias: Yixing, Baekhyun (you can chose c:)
                              Info: I'm 163 and i have long golden blonde hair and blue-green eyes
                              Bias wrecker: um... Are you doing OT12? If yes, then Kris and Luhan ^^ OH! And of course Sehun! 
                              Thanks! ^^
Hehehe chingu!!  Please do one for me!! name would be Riko and bias Kai and Tue place u can choose for me and make it cute. 😄😄😄
Chingu-yaaa, please do one for me toooo!!!!
                              My name : tia
                              Bias: chen
                              2nd bias : baekhyunnnn
                              Pleaseee i'm looking forward for you to make me one!!, gomawoooooooo
Hi, can I request? 
                              Here's the info: 
                              Name: Lesley
                              Bias: Lay and Chanyeol 
                              Nationality: Chinese
                              Hair: black, wavy
                              Eyes: black coffee brown
                              Height: 5'8
                              Bias wrecker: Kris (ot12) if not then kai
Hello! I was wondering if you could do one for me?? 
                              Name: Abbie
                              Bias: Baekhyun (the king of Kkaebsong) 
                              Bias wreaker: Sehun 
                              Thanks in advance 
                              And I'm 1000% that I will absolutely love it 💙💜💚💛❤️