I can ruin your childhood (A book of Conspiracy Theories)

I can ruin your childhood (A book of Conspiracy Theories)

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theinsaneandthesane By theinsaneandthesane Updated 2 days ago

Want your childhood ruined?! 
Well....you came to the right place. 
Hi, I'm Theinsaneandthesane and I'm here to ruin your childhood once a week. 
I'll update every Sunday and Wednesday for a very long time now that I have over 50 reads. 
This will be full of theories of cartoons and some extra material.
Nothing bad though!!!
The extra is just of a book or video game. 
Oh and I'm doing my conspiracy theory on one of my books in here at some time. So if you want one of my other stories to have a theory comment please. 
I'm starting this book on November 1st. 2015 btw. 
Have fun with a corrupt childhood!

I do NOT own any of this!

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Also, I found some of these on Pinterest.

Luleya Luleya Nov 26
I always wondered were his dad was, so I just thought he was dead, that's why they never metioned him or anything, and maybe Andy's mom and dad never got married. It's strange how my first thougt was, "Well, I guess he's dead."
Sophie_Rosablue Sophie_Rosablue 7 hours ago
                              that's why I came here, I'm going to get it ruined :')
qian18 qian18 Nov 22
Noticed this when I watched the movie when Later on
                              But did you noticed that most of the animation movies (from Disney) doesn't have a complete family set?>>
Luciancute Luciancute 10 hours ago
I didn't actually watch this show all that much, but the conspiracy makes sense.
I personally think andys dad walked out on Andy and his family
                              So like they might not of actually been married (Andys parents)
                              And it could be why Andys mum got Andy so attached to buzz because buzz was new and exciting
Shayzo Shayzo Nov 30
I always liked this theory compared to the truth about why his dad wasn't in the movie. In reality, at the time, it was very expensive for animators to make humans. Andy's dad wasn't important to the story so they just left him out.