I can ruin your childhood (A book of Conspiracy Theories)

I can ruin your childhood (A book of Conspiracy Theories)

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Want your childhood ruined?! 
Well....you came to the right place. 
Hi, I'm Theinsaneandthesane and I'm here to ruin your childhood once a week. 
I'll update every Sunday and Wednesday for a very long time now that I have over 50 reads. 
This will be full of theories of cartoons and some extra material.
Nothing bad though!!!
The extra is just of a book or video game. 
Oh and I'm doing my conspiracy theory on one of my books in here at some time. So if you want one of my other stories to have a theory comment please. 
I'm starting this book on November 1st. 2015 btw. 
Have fun with a corrupt childhood!

I do NOT own any of this!

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Also, I found some of these on Pinterest.

When my mom and dad had divorced I got a dog
                              3 years later
Just a theory never said it's real don't go off on them like damn people no need to go off on them
Those people saying he died, no he didn't. That's been debunked by Pixar
DemiWitch14 DemiWitch14 Jun 27
Actually, we now have something confirmed on this. Andy's father died from post polo, and all the pictures on the wall? Andy's father as a child, Andy's houseguests his father's house to. It on Super Calvin Brothers YouTube channel.
Or Andy is gay and thts why he plays with male figures like that (no hate at all tho SOLANGELO is bae🌈🌈🌈)
@ZeinaHowls @Mystriousmushroom 
                              YOU both gotta read this book it's amazing