Pansexual Problems (+ other sexuality issues)

Pansexual Problems (+ other sexuality issues)

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who? By lgbtleafy Updated Nov 30

we're here, we're semi queer, and we're here to steal ur pots and pans 

this is just for laughs, I do not mean to offend anyone or their sexuality/gender. please message me if you have a problem 



Yes, I take the pan and I hit the people who ask this in the head, so I don't have to hear it again
I really want to hit people who ask those questions with a pan, because I don't fricking date kitchen items
I would totally date chu.
                              My life is sad.
                              People don't even know I'm pan, I'm pretty sure people think I'm straight, and some might even think I'm asexual.
                              Maybe bc I've never dated/kissed anyone and I'm a teenager?? 
I'm pan, but I mostly like girls, idk why, so people just call me gay
That's how I feel about the girl I currently like 😂 "LOOK AT ME SENPAI"
phandill03 phandill03 Oct 21
"Oh so your pan, does that you like pans??"
                              "Oh yeah ill duck all your kitchen wear" 
                              Lol jk