One Chance (Ziall Fan Fiction)

One Chance (Ziall Fan Fiction)

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Samantha By Sammiegd97 Updated Jul 05, 2013

Zayn and Samantha are best friends. They are also the outcasts in there school. Nobody really talks to them, and Zayn gets bullied because he is gay. Samantha tries to defend him, but sometimes she can't. Samantha also has her own problems with her abusive father. Nothing really is well for these two best friends.

Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam are the most popular guys in school becuase they are on the football team. Girls want them, and boys want to be them. They aren't jerks they don't bully, but that doesn't mean they stop bullies either. They see what there team mates are doing to Zayn, but don't stop it. Nobody does. 

But, Zayn is in love with.....Niall James Horan. He knows he should hate him because Niall seems not to care about him, but he still does.

Will this love ever happen? Can these broken best friends ever be fixed? Will Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam ever defend them when they know its wrong? Find out in One Chance.