My Dorky Princes

My Dorky Princes

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Misty. J By Mistyped_ Updated Feb 26

When Avelyn Chambers gets rejected to join the one club she transferred to St. Willow's High School for, Beauty 101, the principal gives her a chance to redeem her admittance. An assignment. One where she has to give a group of geeky boys a makeover and be able to make them popular. 

But these boys aren't just antisocial students that needed a nudge to get involved. They are profound dorks, known around St. Willow's High School as the "Dorky Princes."

And it just so happens that the most popular boy in school was apart of this group too.


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QueenGemini- QueenGemini- 2 days ago
Me when a boy in my class removes a sock. Like "ooohhh so scandalous" xD
reed_wei_wei reed_wei_wei Mar 13, 2016
Woooh..... is he some kind of her childhood crush ? I am excitede !! XD
RyuuenXKai RyuuenXKai Aug 17, 2016
Wait. I just realize. This is my first day of school too...
                              This is very awkward
angsietys angsietys Nov 17, 2015
ETHAN CLARK IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! I have a weak spot for cute and adorable boys who like cute things >.<