Deaf Percy Jackson and the Avenger (No Greek Mythology or powers)

Deaf Percy Jackson and the Avenger (No Greek Mythology or powers)

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SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Updated Aug 18, 2016

Percy Jackson had almost always been deaf. The reason he was deaf was because one day as Gabe was driving the car they crashed and the glass cut his ear so badly that he couldn't hear.
Sometimes Percy thought he could hear something but he pretty much given up.

He quickly learned sign language and could read lips easily even if it's in Spanish, Greek, or Latin.
He'd given up hope of every hearing, mostly because when Percy read his stepfather's lips it was always trash talk to him. And when he didn't pay attention Gabe would get angry and Percy never liked an angry Gabe it always hurt in the end.

After his mother's death Percy became nervous and scared because of his stepfather, afraid of what people said to him. Bullies constantly pushed hims around and he could do nothing about it. Mostly because Gabe wouldn't send him to a special school and most of the people there didn't know sign language.

He had zero friends. That changed when one day their teacher was absent and the chemistry substitute was a Doctor Bruce Banner.

Also OC Percy Jackson too- he's smart and knows how to use bow and arrow...
After Age of Ultron
Except Natasha/Clint
Pietro is alive also

COOL1095 COOL1095 Dec 10, 2016
I'm not the only one who noticed the pic low key has the water tribe symbol from the last air bender on it, right?
vrolijkvosje vrolijkvosje Mar 22, 2016
I love you Percy and I will come to protect you from bullies! No one does that to MY Percy Jackson
1Aidco-q1bobislyfe 1Aidco-q1bobislyfe May 18, 2016
It's sad that they do that for jail a place to eat And sleep
Exiolet Exiolet Dec 20, 2016
... Am I the only one who didn't react to this with feels? XD I swear I'm not a sociopath!
Exiolet Exiolet Dec 20, 2016
The white boards are making me think of the blackboards Leo and What's-Her-Face carried around to talk to each other in Wendy Mass' Willow Falls series.
Exiolet Exiolet Dec 20, 2016
I can relate. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when "absence" refers to death, it really only makes you forget. No matter how much you try not to.