Settling (Quil Ateara story)

Settling (Quil Ateara story)

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Gertrude Hale is the human and youngest adoptive child in the Olympic Coven. Due to the fact that she is the great great niece of Rosalie Hale.

Being only a sophomore at the age of fourteen and being competitive is the excuse she uses because living in a household of vampires is intimidating and challenging. They're all almost over a hundred years old, so She spent most of her life being home schooled by Esme up until She entered the ninth grade while they lived in Alaska.

But she won't be human long, on her seventeenth birthday, she gets to chose whether to turn or not, but deep down she's already decided.

But the problem is Rosalie. She made her a promise that She'd spend the next three years living as human as possible and not think about turning.

Turning is the only thing she can think about, that is until she gets imprinted on by Quil Ateara and she stuck on choosing the guy or becoming immortal.

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When I hear the name Gertrude, I think of Gert from marvel’s runaways
OOOO CLASSICAL MUSIC!! I love chopin. I bought some CD's recently and i got tchaikovsky and i have dvorak and beethoven, mozart, wagner, etc.
I‘m sorry, but I seriously can’t stop laughing at her name. Here in Germany it’s a really old name. Like my grandma could be named like that. I can’t imagine a 14 years old girl be named ‘Gertrude’. No offense to the author though. 😅😂