Alexandria ♱ Klaus Mikaelson

Alexandria ♱ Klaus Mikaelson

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Courtney By JckSparrow Updated Apr 02

For hundreds of years, Klaus Mikaelson has hidden his weakness very well. Only some have been lucky enough to see this weakness of his. Many people don't believe that the notorious hybrid bastard would have any form of weakness; but when they saw this weakness - their disbelief  soon changed. 

After a tip from Katherine Pierce, Klaus returns to New Orleans to find danger brewing between witches of the French Quarter and the vampires lead by his former protégé, Marcel, someone he thought dead.

Klaus finds out that Hayley Marshall is pregnant with his miracle child, he decides to take back the city that was once his. But that is not the only thing he wants to take back.

With Marcel knowing of Klaus' only weakness, Klaus must proceed with caution. For this weakness of Klaus', is deadly and beautiful. 

Alexandria Petrova; daughter of Katerina Petrova and Wife of Niklaus Mikaelson.

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Lai_suuh Lai_suuh Oct 02, 2017
I just read a few chapters (because I was trying not to be biase or whatever) THE WORST STORY for Klaus M. Fanfiction. I already enjoy this story
Lai_suuh Lai_suuh Oct 02, 2017
Who tf this Lynneesha lady? Little sister. (Am I actually forgetting they had another sister?! Lmao)
elaramora elaramora Jan 02, 2017
When I read summary.. I was like wow ,now this is something new