Crimson and Blue

Crimson and Blue

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I fell in love once..
I stumbled and cried..
But I will stand up now, with my head held high.
Regrets should be buried,
I should have learned by now..
That loving someone is not easy.
Still... despite of those heartaches,
There were also happy memories,
That when I looked back, I will find myself smiling.
I am Cadillac Venice Madrigal
And this is My story..

College life can be exciting, but not in her case.

Not when Cadillac Venice met Yuan the Infamous Playboy who made her life upside down. He has played a major role in her life, the Playboy became her friend and protector. He made her feel important, that he even stopped fooling around just for her. 

She was able to tame the Infamous Playboy.

Or so that's what she thought.