Elemental Academy

Elemental Academy

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Sophie By dophiedee Updated Aug 06, 2013

Arabella Daniels thought she was normal, sure she was the daughter of a world famous fashion designer, and the owner of a multi-billionaire law firm, but despite the fact she grew up under nannys and was homeschooled in Paris, London and New York, she was stil Arabella Daniels, still human. But that all changes when she is scouted, not to be a model or sport player but an elemental.

Elementals have the power to wield the elements in unique ways, very rarely the same gifts are repeated but all revolve around Water, Earth, Fire or Air. Elementals are found from around the world by Scouters, able to see magical potential and sent to elemental academy to be trained.

When Arabella arives to the strange school, she finds a place she believes could be home. Hiding her immense wealth and heritage she strives to discover her magic and find a family. Things don't always go to plan however and she soon finds herself in a feud with the meanest girl of the school and continues to run into Nate, the resident charismatic bad-boy with the strongest magic and pure bloodline. 

As Arabells discovers herself and a new world, she faces trials and tribulations and has to decide if the sacrafice is worth it.