The Sultan's Spy

The Sultan's Spy

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Lauren By LaurenDMSmith Completed

As the youngest sister of the current Sultan, Eliska has been raised in the harem. But she's been trained not to be a bride, though she has had instruction in the womanly arts, but rather as a spy. To protect her brother and the rest of the family, she must pretend to be someone else entirely in order to keep their lands safe.

Tariq is a fixer, with a well deserved reputation in the criminal underworld for being the go-to person for any kind of problem that needs solving and the willingness to do anything to solve his clients problems. Hired to find a boy taken by slavers, he's reminded strongly of his own past and dedicates himself to the search. As his investigation continues, he keeps running into the same pretty girl who attacked him, apologized, and then paid him off all in the same night.

Neither can deny that the other is interesting and as their mutual goals begin to converge, a kind of alliance springs up between them. But Tariq is a criminal and Eliska a princess, and whatever else might be growing between them, it might not be enough to overcome their barriers and secrets. If they even manage to keep themselves alive among dark magic, plots, and corruption.

NaNoWriMo project for 2015.

  • corruption
  • criminal
  • fantasy
  • harem
  • magic
  • princess
  • romance
  • spy
  • sultan
Discovered this randomly  while I was browsing through stories.  I love it!  Definitely going to keep reading.
AlecHutson AlecHutson Jan 03, 2016
This was a NaNoWriMo story? Holy macaroni. You are extremely talented, and I expect to see stories of yours on bookshelves someday.
ReddHumann ReddHumann Dec 12, 2015
You know what... I just like to commend you for this... Great job...
SpeculativeAuthor SpeculativeAuthor Dec 12, 2015
So much promise, I am jealous you have wrote such a fine novel in NaNoWriMo. Mine is a jumbled mess of words which I am editing and will start uploading here from Wednesday on. :)
Carikavanlog Carikavanlog Nov 05, 2015
A stunning opening chapter! WOW... you swept me off my feet with this! Though I must agree with @Cross-Warrior the many names are a bit daunting. But never the less, I can't wait to see what else you have planned for this story!