Our Eyes Only

Our Eyes Only

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Theforeverbattles By Theforeverbattles Completed

Welcome babies! This is our blog! 

Please if your under 18 no viewing puppy and I tend to get a little naughty. 

-this will only stay up if you guys corporate meaning, no notes, reblogs or likes.  

-no sharing, if we let you on this page it's because we trust you. 

-don't be mean. If your hurt my puppy I will find you. (If you hurt my baby I will find you-Puppy) 

-our relationship is not BDSM we use our nicknames only for our own protection. I do not punish my puppy and I don't control him and have rules. We both top and we both bottom, we don't have a specific dominate or submissive. 

Follow these rules and we should be good 

Xx Daddy and Puppy/ Sir and Babygirl <3

*causally lying on the floor laughing like i'm planning everyone's murder*
cake_quake cake_quake Aug 08
I'm literally sobbing this is me almost everyday except the other way around 😰
MukeXXXX623 MukeXXXX623 Aug 22
All of my lines come out crooked even if I use a roller to help me
stmsxx stmsxx Nov 11
this is making me really uncomfortable sorry i wasn't prepared for the depth of this fanfic like i thought it was just a lowkey "hey y'all we knock boots at night cool right" but i guess not lmao
Wtf why would you ever read that?! *Hides phone under pillow.*
Bro I'm imagining this as like 2014 Luke so he is like nowhere near Daddy in any way