Viking For Hire (Vikings Saga, Vol. 1)

Viking For Hire (Vikings Saga, Vol. 1)

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Jo Grafford By JoGrafford Completed

Branwyn O'Tyre's estranged brother summons her for a healing ritual. Fearing he actually plans to arrest her for witchcraft, she drinks a protection potion before he arrives. 

Eirik, a Viking sea captain pretending slumber in the tavern corner, witnesses Branwyn's magic and offers her safe passage from Exeter if she will attempt to reverse a curse that plagues him. Unfortunately, every woman who touches him falls wildly but falsely in love with him. 

There's only one hitch. If she fails, Branwyn and Eirik will be trapped beneath the love curse together. Forever!


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Yes he sounds yummy. But I’m curious if this is some type of potion or spell working on her
VibekeAndersen948 VibekeAndersen948 Jul 20, 2017
What nationality did you make your vikings? So far I am amused by the fact one of them is called that is the name I chose for my own son. I understand «godan morgin» cuz it is very similar to «god morgen»....good morning in Danish...
EssieJay EssieJay Oct 07, 2017
My school being in Valhalla, NY and our sports teams being called The Vikings suddenly makes sense. How did I not know this?
KylieBuchta KylieBuchta Dec 18, 2016
Well damn,......I can't decide if this as smooth as fûck or if he's just being an aśshole