The Forbidden (boyxboy)✔

The Forbidden (boyxboy)✔

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Dante Cullen By XPerfectDistraction Completed

** #58 WP Romance What's Hot list, 08/21/2016**

Zac has just had his heart broken by the guy that meant the world to him. Battered and bruised, he goes home for spring break to meet his mom's new boyfriend, hoping for a quiet time to nurse his wounds.

He doesn't expect anything to happen at home except his sister's hormone-inspired tantrums, and he certainly does not expect to venture into the forbidden.

Zac might just regret his trip home...or love it.

Bitch I cry all the time and last time I checked I'm still a man
7minus1000 7minus1000 Aug 15
That's what my non existent ex boyfriend told me before we broke up smh
You should of broken up before you started cheating DUMBAŚS
Is there medication for a broken heart because I'd like 3 bottles
7minus1000 7minus1000 Aug 16
This is so fücking harsh and terrible no one deserves to be used I hope karma hits him harder than 20 tanks combined with 56 submarines and 13 planes
7minus1000 7minus1000 Aug 16
I hope he goes Taylor swift in the blank space video on his ass