Defying the Beast

Defying the Beast

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TragicMelody By TragicMelody Updated May 13

I must be obedient. 
I must be submissive.
I must be silent.
What I want and what I am doesn't matter.

Alphas are controlling, powerful, and they demand a hell of a lot of respect. They expect their mates to be submissive, and domesticated. But Emily Adamson doesn't meet those standards . She's impulsive, unruly, impudent, and speaks her mind. So when she finds out she's the mate of Alpha Christian Knight, her first instinct is to reject him. 

But Christian won't let her escape him and he's prepared make her obey his commands. Even if he has to break her will to do so.

Possibly one of the best first chapters I've read 😍 informative yet not annoying 😍😋🐶
Haha lucky it doesn't go higher then that! .. try 120 degrees. .. x.x gotta love that Phoenix weather ...
Bloody_Dust Bloody_Dust Nov 08, 2015
I like that really much:-D please update. I wanna know what happens next