you are pure-blood Draco x reader

you are pure-blood Draco x reader

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I woke up screaming again. I always have the same dream at this time of the year.

The dream

I'm sitting next to my mother and there was this boy named Harry Potter, who was putting the table ready. He made one mistake and the man hit him, and at that moment my head started to hurt and I started to hear things. Then I started seeing things like me killing people and watching some white figure, but you couldn't see who, or what is it. Then I saw lots of people laughing.

And I woke up. 

I have always known about the magic world and today was supposed to be the day that I got my letter. It was 04:47 in the morning and I couldn't sleep anymore so I just got up and went to make breakfast for me and my snake. 

When the mail came, I got my letter and got out of the house. I did take my snake named (P/N) and my purse. 

And yes, my mother and father were alive, but I didn't talk much with them because after I told them about my dreams, they have been over protective and I HA...