Insatiable: His Wolves Trilogy [Book 1]

Insatiable: His Wolves Trilogy [Book 1]

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Elle Sugi By ellesugi Updated Feb 14

Disclaimer: Contains men to men relationship. This story involves a threesome relationship. You have been warned. Nevertheless, if you understand this statement, feel free to continue reading.

Elijah Caldwell had been living as a prostitute ever since he was eight years old. He had been exposed to all the immorality in the world at a very young age. But it doesn't matter. He's loving every second of his work. He had lived his life filling his endless sexual desire. He had always wanted more. No one could satisfy his whims. 

But everything will change after Elijah met Nile and Teo. They were a couple of hired assassins working for anyone as long as they pay them. Pretty much normal except for the one fact that threw Elijah's world into disarray.

Nile and Teo were Werewolves. Both Alphas of their own clans. 

Oh, and yeah. Elijah's their mate.

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catpun catpun Aug 05
*laughs* yes Elle i understand that this is not for children. I am legally a teenager now tho so
joshuakhiantoro joshuakhiantoro Apr 27, 2016
I don't like it, because you're not use my name in it... Hehehe
CreamyPie888 CreamyPie888 Dec 09, 2016
That is bad...he should probably get therapy or talk to someone I'm scared for his mental health and just everything health related
pull_it_down pull_it_down Aug 25, 2016
@peachylemonsquare you seem fun and kinda cute. I'm a big fan girl of boyxboy relationships and those having multiple males are the best kind , not to forget ur writing is fulfilling all my "fluff-love" desires!
fireversion fireversion Feb 07
The mate of two??!! The dark side awaits
                              *throws self down rabbit hole*
asami_lys asami_lys Nov 21, 2015
what do you mean? your stories are amazing! I love sold to the mafia. and I am sure this one is going to be a success too. you rule!