Depression In Love "Ereri Fanfiction" Levi x Eren

Depression In Love "Ereri Fanfiction" Levi x Eren

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Titan_@$$ By Isabella_chan_2002 Updated Feb 04

Eren is a depressed 26 year old who starves himself and sells his body. 

Levi is a 30 year old waiter and a tattoo artist who is friends with erens childhood friend hanji. 

What happens when they meet? Will they fall in love or will eren push levi away like he did to his family.

(None of the pictures are mine, if you are one of the artists tell me and I will give you credit.)

;_; I am now a Hanji then. Does this mean I date titans...? Aww shi
...I didn't sign up for the straightness I signed up for the gayness... SO WTF
( levi giggling a bit.) IS IT POSSIBLE TO PUT THOSE WORDS IN A SENTENCE LIKE THAT?! *flips through dictionary*
Pulling down his long sleaves,to cover all the memories the scars leave, he says maybe maybe making me bleed~ could be the answer that could wash the slate clean
Elain_Jeagerman Elain_Jeagerman Dec 20, 2016
Please Eren! Make every fangirls fandom of EreRi, come true unless of course it is RiRen.