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"Y-Yah , d-did you just record that?" I stuttered as I drop that 'thing' on the floor. 

Of course , I just hold a thing that I wish I'd never dare to touch it.

"Yeah , it seems like it." He smirked as he put his phone down , walking closer to me. 

"And you ," he paused , eyeing me from head to toe.

"Just touch my precious 'thing'," his smirk widened as he picked up that 'thing'

"I-I'm not d-doing it on purpose though ," I said as I stole a glance at that 'thing'

"Woah woah , looks like we have a naughty girl here." He said as he leaned closer to my lips. 

"She even dare to look at my 'thing' , after she already touch it. Does she want more?" He whispered , leaning in to my left ear. 

"Y-Yah , Park J-Jimi-" 

"I'm gonna post it."

My eyes widened. 

"W-What?" I asked , scared about what have I just 'done'.

"The video , I'm gonna post it." He repeated. 

"The video that you just hold my 'thing'."

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;a jimin fanfiction .
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_lostriver05 _lostriver05 Dec 28, 2017
                              BAEPSAEDARUE DA HANDS UP (i don't know the lyrics omfg .-.)
                              CHINGUDARUE DA HANDS UP
                              kakwiajajaka HANDS UP
                              CHOMG JOJUN BALSA
imarcore imarcore Feb 09, 2016
tung ahhh ber'k'2 cerita dia btw it was nice tapi ak7 x minat jimin so bye 😙😙😙
- - Dec 13, 2015
Your description intrigued me and I was like is this smut or...? But oh well let's *drinks some wine in a jug* get this show on the rode
hunhan_official hunhan_official Dec 08, 2015
Hi! just thought I should bother you a little bit *smirk* XD
thank goodness my teachers in our school don't threat us like that