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"Y-Yah , d-did you just record that?" I stuttered as I drop that 'thing' on the floor. 

Of course , I just hold a thing that I wish I'd never dare to touch it.

"Yeah , it seems like it." He smirked as he put his phone down , walking closer to me. 

"And you ," he paused , eyeing me from head to toe.

"Just touch my precious 'thing'," his smirk widened as he picked up that 'thing'

"I-I'm not d-doing it on purpose though ," I said as I stole a glance at that 'thing'

"Woah woah , looks like we have a naughty girl here." He said as he leaned closer to my lips. 

"She even dare to look at my 'thing' , after she already touch it. Does she want more?" He whispered , leaning in to my left ear. 

"Y-Yah , Park J-Jimi-" 

"I'm gonna post it."

My eyes widened. 

"W-What?" I asked , scared about what have I just 'done'.

"The video , I'm gonna post it." He repeated. 

"The video that you just hold my 'thing'."

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;a jimin fanfiction .
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jiminsthotty jiminsthotty Apr 06, 2016
Is it just me, or does the description of the story not go at all?? I'm so confused
imarcore imarcore Feb 09, 2016
tung ahhh ber'k'2 cerita dia btw it was nice tapi ak7 x minat jimin so bye 😙😙😙
- - Dec 13, 2015
Your description intrigued me and I was like is this smut or...? But oh well let's *drinks some wine in a jug* get this show on the rode
hunhan_official hunhan_official Dec 08, 2015
Hi! just thought I should bother you a little bit *smirk* XD