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Urban Literature 

If a good opportunity is given to you, you must take it.

That's what Kimberly Lane did. Kimberly is a nineteen year old girl that works the pole so she can buy dinner for her and her twelve year old sister. Stripping was not her first career choice of course, but Kimberly did not have a choice to strip for old men. From her mother's sudden death from a car crash and her father disappearing on them a day after the funeral, Kimberly needed money.

After six months of giving old men strip tease, Ray Golden came along with a once in a lifetime opportunity that makes Kimberly question the choice but also agree.

But little did she know, there is a lot of mess in Ray's life  that sends Kimberly on a nonstop train of confusion and emotions...

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1Panda05 1Panda05 Jul 28, 2017
Things change daily. Did u know that orange is the new black now?
travelbug4 travelbug4 Feb 13
She wouldn't have to do that though.. 
                               She's a stripper not a prostitute
-wonderfuI -wonderfuI Sep 14, 2017
NO! This grammar is not correct, this is like appositives or some shìt, but the actual way to say this line is: "Kim!" Her sister, Jamie, yelled from the top of the stairs. 
                              (: just telling you, my language arts teacher told me that semicolons aren't good for these types of sentences..
-nerdy -nerdy Feb 17
Wait, wait. So their colored? If they are, sweet. Black women are hot asf
My heart stopped when I thought someone broke in and shot her💀💀
AlpacaQ AlpacaQ May 13, 2017
Wait she can't talk about strippers but she plays call of duty