Plan Bea

Plan Bea

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We live our entire lives thinking we know those closest to us. But do we ever really?

On the outside, Annabel O'Conner has it all - the perfect husband, two adorable children, an amazing job, and a mother from hell! Just when she gives up trying to regain her overbearing mother's love, an unexpected call turns her world around and makes Annabel question everything she believes about her life. 

Could falling in love give a cold, stubborn, and selfish woman a second chance to open her heart back up to her family?

Beatrice Buchanan has spent more years than she can remember distancing herself from everyone close to her. She barely has a relationship with her grandchildren. The only time she manages to have a one way conversation with her daughter is during her weekly fifteen-minute commute to the nail salon. When Bea meets Walter on a cruise she realizes there may be more to life than designer clothes, killer handbags, and impressing the ladies at her posh country club. 

As the mother and daughter duo team up to plan "Long Island's wedding of the year" they confront the secrets and lies that have defined them. This humorous emotionally honest women's contemporary fiction novel will tug at your heartstrings and the twist ending will shock you.

"Although a light read, the subject matter was very sad at times and I found myself choking back tears, but in a good way! It was so authentically heart wrenching yet often very funny too. The characters were so well fleshed out and three dimensional - no one was perfect and no one was fatally flawed - like real life. I thought the twist was genius!" 
- Meredith Schorr Best Selling Author

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MaryFahey MaryFahey Mar 12, 2017
Beatrice is hilarious. She obviously finds it difficult to stay on topic at the best of times, but being nervous or excited probably makes it worse.
infatuatedlove infatuatedlove Oct 16, 2017
This response really made my eyes grow wide 😂 I just love kids so much!! 😂😂😂
PrettyLittleMystery PrettyLittleMystery May 15, 2017
Has anyone seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic where the designer ceo wants like literally only a crumb of cake💀 thats how I imagine the slice right about now.
MaryFahey MaryFahey Mar 12, 2017
Wally is lovely and I suspect sees a side to Beatrice the other's can't. I didn't like how Anna set her children up by letting them believe their other granny was coming over.
jewellybee jewellybee Jun 22, 2016
The mum is a nightmare and why a person as nice as Wally would want to have anything to do with her is beyond me!
A_Burst_Of_Color A_Burst_Of_Color Jun 12, 2016
There is something up with this man. I mean why would he want to marry her. She is way to pushing for me. Just think about it. Somethings up........