Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

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Awkwardaf_ By Awkwardaf_ Updated Jun 11, 2016

Zodiac Signs.

Zodiac Facts.
And Random stuff.
All with a touch of charm & humour.

Note: This book is not made to
 offend anyone or their signs (Zodiac pride)-  I give total credit to the internet because this is where I get my facts. And this book definitely doesn't contain any favoritism to any sign whatsoever.
I've found the stuff in this book from the internet (tumblr, insta, google, twitter) but I made only a few, I'll just give you a heads up if it's mine.
P.S. I am in the zodiac fandom myself, if that counts. XD
This book is purely for Entertainment.


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CrazyKittyCamCam CrazyKittyCamCam Jul 19, 2017
THIS IS MEEEEEEE! technically U was born on the cusp (my bday: Oct 24) so I call myself a "Scibra" but...more of a Scorpio
aprentistoba aprentistoba Jun 27, 2017
The light of the end...hmmmm.........hmmmmmMMMMMMMMM....................wait a  minute....................................END!!????
PeppermintTwistz PeppermintTwistz Nov 26, 2016
August 2nd, but I'm going by Cancer because I'm tired of hearing how inaccurate Leo is..
                              ( I'm not saying it's inaccurate to all, but just in my eyes. I was meant to be born July 22nd, so that's a win )
hmuthomas_ hmuthomas_ Sep 10, 2016
The light of freedom....Yeahh I guess, I'm pretty much stuck at home always