Damnation: War with the Enemy - Book 1 of the Damnation Trilogy (ON HOLD...)

Damnation: War with the Enemy - Book 1 of the Damnation Trilogy (ON HOLD...)

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Connor Pita By MrCMaccc Updated Apr 30, 2013

Welcome to Caleb's life, as shown through flashbacks of his childhood and logs from his diary.

Caleb's life is complicated (isn't that the way with all protagonists?) But complication quickly escalate into larger conflicts. Love-hate relationships of the nonstandard kind. Sibling rivalray, even hatred. And yes, some drug references. Caleb's life has it all.
People look up to him. People like him. People like as in love him. Deep inside him, however, lies a traumatized boy looking for redemption. For inspiring hope in a fear stricken era, he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. 
As the unofficial mascot, and symbol of hope for his friends of the town, Caleb must remain strong. Even if it means burying his own personal demons deep within his troubled soul.

WARNING: Up until Chapter 4 Flashback it's rated PG-13. Starting with
Chapter 4 Text, it's rated R. Well, not really, it just gets really mature. Whatever. You have been warned. 

Please keep in mind that this is my first semi-serious attempt. Any feedback is gladly appreciated, and suggestion will be heard (but not necessiarly taken, so post at your own risk.)
Also, I typed most of this on my phone so my thumbs hurt. It also explains the majority of errors. Don't let my thumbs suffer in vain.