Porcelain [Sasori]

Porcelain [Sasori]

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♠️ My husbando Tyki ♠️ By xxcindaxx Completed

Hair as dark as midnight, eyes as pale as transparent emerald, skin as smooth as porcelain. 

With the Sungakure elders knowing her every move and keeping a close eye on her, it has occurred to Sasori that Eirin wasn't just a normal civilian.

But what could she be hiding, that even she doesn't know?

  • akatsuki
  • naruto
  • sasori
  • shinobi
magictrash magictrash Oct 07
I already know I'm going to get hopelessly attached to this book and cry at the end... bring it on
Gypsywolf14 Gypsywolf14 Jan 11
Everyone is just like aww cute moment and I'm just like who keeps blankets in their cupboards?!
Phoenixflower331 Phoenixflower331 Nov 08, 2015
It just get's better and better! I don't know how you do it but you do! I can't wait to see where this goes!