Living In The Shadows (boyxboy Naruto Fanfiction)

Living In The Shadows (boyxboy Naruto Fanfiction)

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Albus Severus Potter By Petey_Parker Completed

Naruto is blinded as a child, ends up with the Akatsuki and one of the most powerful thirteen year olds ever. A prince arrives, some people die, and then the world ends. One thing he learned was that even when you can see, life doesn't get any better. 


KakaNaru.               ~ ItaNaru
Naruto x Kakashi ~ Slight Naruto x Itachi

This is quite morbid in hindsight... Blind!Naruto for the first bit.

Don't worry, my writing gets slightly better as the book progresses! I hope you enjoy!

|| Disclaimer! I don't own Naruto or any characters apart from the ones I do XD ||


tM0922 tM0922 Jun 07
Oh my god. I just realized ( because I really wasn't paying attention) the kunai is still in his eyes. Holy shït wtf is wrong with those villagers?
Wait. So, he just left SasUKE?? <<that's autocorrect.... 😅
-Mystic-Night- -Mystic-Night- Aug 05, 2016
That's kinda good the underestimating you surprise them and show them you're more powerful than you really show
Tartaru00s Tartaru00s Dec 30, 2016
'Sorry if I messed up'
                              Apart from wolf instead of dog, you did amazingly!
LloydLAMGS LloydLAMGS Jul 13, 2016
Finally Naruto showing everyone he a badass one author knows what's up
-Mystic-Night- -Mystic-Night- Aug 05, 2016
Self-Centered fuckers, but then again we are all kinds self-centered