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The Graveyard Festival

The Graveyard Festival

28.1K Reads 2.1K Votes 10 Part Story
Kailin By distanthearts Updated Jun 25, 2017

Sixteen-year-old Thana sleeps in graveyards and crafts dreams for those who want them. She can create visions so vivid and detailed that they could be real. For the inhabitants of the sleepy town nearby, Thana's dreams are like drugs.
When the Graveyard Festival appears in her cemetery in the middle of the night, Thana meets Jonathan, a mysterious boy with tattoos he can bring to life. By sunrise, Thana is a member of the traveling carnival that moves from cemetery to cemetery. Her dream-crafting abilities do what the Festival does best: catering to every whimsical fancy its visitors have.
But the Graveyard Festival isn't just a carnival--its members guard the gates to the land of the dead, and something has gotten past them. Jonathan believes Thana is the key to returning the demon back to where it belongs, but as her dreams turn to nightmares that come to life, Thana can't control her devilish creations.
Something is within her, and it's dying to get out.

  • wattys2016