Is it worth it? (Lauren/You/Camila)

Is it worth it? (Lauren/You/Camila)

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DOMINO⚪️⚫️ By SuccMyJauregui Updated Dec 19, 2016

Y/N meets Camila Cabello, the girl whom she fell inlove with. They became best of friends and made memories with two other girls, Ally Hernandez and Dinah Jane Hansen. Three years later, three new students had arrived, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Hamilton and Lastly Austin Mahone. 

What if Camila turned into something Y/N hates resulting to their friendship being broken? What if Lauren fell inlove with Y/N? What if Camila slowly realized that she loves Y/N? What if Y/N fell inlove with two beautiful girls who has an important role in her life? 

Read and find out.

cover by: SLOTHTATO

Bacon is amazing I can eat eggs but they have to be extremely cheesy
potheadjauregui potheadjauregui Apr 21, 2016
when everyone talkin bout bacon but I just here like ... I'm disgusted by eggs ...
thatSMILEtho23 thatSMILEtho23 Oct 29, 2016
When yo mama can't curse in front of you  so you don't get to curse everytime......BISH SIKE! I curse mama. I curse.
KaraJeffers KaraJeffers Dec 08, 2016
My sister HATES and I mean absolutely HATES bacon, she just won't eat it, she'll eat any other part of pig, just not bacon
WastedxYouthxx WastedxYouthxx Dec 10, 2016
Not much of a bacon fan, but I do love oatmeal and pancakes❤️
iPoet_ iPoet_ Jun 27, 2016
Should've been blue jeans and a white shirt so I can walk into homeroom and make Lana Del Rey's eyes burn like I was James Dean for sure, being so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer.