✔️Everything is Shit. {South Park Style}

✔️Everything is Shit. {South Park Style}

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Ever since his tenth birthday, Stan has had depression. Everything he hears and sees is shit. Kyle has always been there to support him, but soon Kyle has had enough. He had to take care of himself and not worry about Stan all the time. Stan loves Kyle, more than a friend but he's having trouble coming out to Kyle.

Soon, Stan moves away from the town of South Park with his mom and sister, and everything was left behind, and Kyle is one of them. But will  Stan tell Kyle his secret, and will Kyle love him back?

Yes there will be swearing. 

All rights go to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the legends of South Park, and my heroes!

(In this fanfiction, the message I wanted to get out is that things do get better. No matter how bad things get, they always do get better. Keep that in mind. Now enjoy this story!)

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iiondri iiondri Jan 16
There was this old interview with matt & trey back in the day and the person was like "who would most likely be gay?"
                              And with no hesitation, they both answered "stan"
KateKay46 KateKay46 Feb 25
That my friend, is that God forsaken "song" 'It's Everyday Bro'
TrixirCake_67 TrixirCake_67 3 days ago
This is what friendships should be like because friends or super best friends should ALWAYS be there for each other no matter what
I'm almost 16 and i feel like freaking 1 
                              i want to be 1 to be sure
TheLunarChronicles78 TheLunarChronicles78 Dec 29, 2017
Wow she could've at least waited until Kyle left to be polite
KateKay46 KateKay46 Feb 25
I was drinking water and now I'm suing you for almost making me choke