the devil needed a ride (completed)

the devil needed a ride (completed)

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Just a girl. By Just_A_Girl_1996 Completed

ok so i accidentally deleted 'the devil needed a ride' when i was doing some other stuff and flipped out but luckily i could put it back up and what not, im sorry if i scared anyone...


"Oh luke!" i moaned out clutching his shoulder blades in my nails drawling a bit of blood.

he growled out a grunt as he thrust harder and faster into me. the experience was mind blowing... him the devil was making me feel so good!

"Faster!" i moaned wrapping my legs tighter around him. his hands that were besides me grew nails and dug into my blanket leaving holes but i didnt care at this point.

i felt like a balloon that was ready to pop and with each hard thrust he gave brought me closer to the edge, one that i would gladly fall off of. in a way it was so wrong but it felt so right.

"Go on fire!" i growled out holding him closer to me. without a passing second he erupted into flames and the red and orange flames surrounded us like a blanket. it licked across my skin but didnt hurt me, thanks to the mark.

i could feel the blankets and pillow turn to ash but couldnt find the effort to care. soon i cried out his name as my orgasm hit. it was like nothing he has ever done to me before.

he gritted his teeth together as he continued on keeping me on this high. i could tell he was long over due but he was holding back so i could enjoy this.

finally he exploded into me and we panted relaxing. his fire went out along with the pillow and blankets. he sucked on my neck as my eyes slid shut.


i didnt mean to save him, i didnt mean for the things to turn out how they did but they did. when i first saved him i was only doing a good deed but that deed also banished me from ever going to heaven. i was welcomed to hell becuase the man i saved was the devil in cat form, and i just gave him a ride.

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Hey don't blame the cat you said you wanted to join his girl in the shower
KeiKel KeiKel Jun 20
Ahahah when its a cat she ain't care but then she finds out its the devil... Ahhahahahah her reaction would be awesome...probs
Omg so relatable, like I don't care if the house is on fire with a bomb about to blow if there's a cat I will go in and save it
Omg imagine when she learns that's really Satan who's been snuggling up to her
what the fück? who's grandma is like that, it's actually scary.
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Oct 28, 2016
Rereading this cause it was so good the first time and there's nothing else I can find to read