Baekhyun's Biggest Fan

Baekhyun's Biggest Fan

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Hanseol is a plain girl who moved to Seoul last year , when she entered her new school someone catch her eyes. 

Byun Baekhyun

The school's most perfect guy. He's smart , handsome , has a great voice and everyone loves him. When Hanseol saw him , her stomach starts to tingle. 

Hanseol basicly a normal girl. Not sluty , not flirty and not ugly. She really like Baekhyun. She cares for him , even Baekhyun knows that she likes him. Baekhyun doesnt care , all he did was make fun of her.

Hanseol has a sister and when her sister came back from UK for a holiday , she taught Hanseol to dress nice , to put a make up on and even to make Baekhyun fall on his knees for her.

And yes it works but Baekhyun's ego is bigger that Korea so Hanseol start to give up on him. She gave up liking him and thats where Baekhyun starts to realise.

"You will realise you love someone when that person leaves you" 
Will Baekhyun be able to take her heart?

Stay tune for the story and please vote and comment.

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taetaebaekiebaekie taetaebaekiebaekie May 25, 2017
Wtf they are all rude wow😂😂nah fam i would
                              Get rude back and cuss him out don't test me
StrawBerry_Byun StrawBerry_Byun Jun 18, 2016
Oh really now this boy joonhyuk is gonna confess u and ur gonna reject i
angmariexo angmariexo Mar 22, 2016
I read it as Hansel so I thought about hansel and gretel 😂😂😂😂
-sachi -sachi Jul 11, 2016
Rereading this :--)) this is seriously one of my fav book ever omgggg like reallyyyyy when i finished the book i was like crying cause it was so goooood goddamn
Jimincest Jimincest Dec 11, 2015
Oh my God!Brighton is such a beautiful city,I would do everything to go there again!<3