Deepest Regret (COMPLETE)

Deepest Regret (COMPLETE)

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Valerie By val15809 Completed

*-*-*-*-*WARNING-this book has severe plot holes, and deff needs to be rewritten. In all honesty, that's prob not going to happen any time soon. Just thought I'd give you all a heads up!*-*-*-*-*

 *_%*_%*_%*%%*It is about as cliche as you can get. There is your warning. If you don't like the cliché aspect,  then don't bother reading farther.. *%*%*%_*_%*%*=*%*%%*

Special thanks to @dionellie for coming and doing the second round of editing. It looks awesome! 

Huge thanks to @JGTTrio for taking the time to do the first round of edits. 

This is my first story ever. I've prob read well over 400 books on here, so I finally decided to give writing a shot. But anywho..

I'm doing this all on my phone so if there is a bunch of typos or random weird words it's most likely my auto correct at work and I am just not paying attention. Lol. Plus I have to improvise with symbols. So I'll put the meanings below..

I hope you all like it!

By the way this is extremely rough. I haven't went back a...

jj-nd0710 jj-nd0710 Feb 26
I just loved reading this book the first time and have read it few more time you are an amazing writer so please keep up the great writing and let anybody or anything put you down
Acceril Acceril Feb 14
I thought it meant mind linking was called blah
                              "yeah hold on I just need to blah my pack"
ThanaveeThungthong ThanaveeThungthong Apr 15, 2015
Damn not bragging but man I read the name how it written before I see how it pronounce and man this is like testing my reading skills and it was good  I just need to fix my grammar lol
Justalittlepsycho Justalittlepsycho Feb 25, 2015
Had a mind blank and thought it was gonna say blah before mind linking anyone
bonniej43 bonniej43 May 20, 2014
I read the whole thing and think you are one of the most creative stories as so far write MORE
AmranKarshe AmranKarshe Mar 25, 2014
More authors need to do this most of the time when I read always skip the name in my head