Neglect, Pain, Abuse (Naruto fanfic)

Neglect, Pain, Abuse (Naruto fanfic)

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything!!! Except the plot XD
Book two of the series. 
First book:
Torture, anger, sadness (Naruto fanfic)

This story is about Naruto and family issues. Well... Based on the title you know that it has something to do with neglect.
Read the first book to understand everything that will happen. XD

Story owned by me besides character and stuff. Cover not owned by me too. AND please don't copy.


  • abuse
  • akatsuki
  • family
  • neglect
  • pain
NOOOOOOO!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!! I FORGOT WHAT THE FIRST BOOK WAS ABOUT!!!!! DO I HAVE TO READ IT AGAIN????!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHYYYY??????!!!!! *sobs* 😭(wow. That emoji worked. All I did... Was type in Chinese characters... Kinda)
Neko-_-kido Neko-_-kido Apr 06, 2016
Omfg!! Thankyou!!! Finally someone who actually explains why Naruto's parents would ever hate him!!* sigh of Releif* 
                              Naruto's parents would never hate him unless he threatened the village. And he sorta did with Sasuke. Omfg this fanfic might actually be good.
StewsFenX StewsFenX Nov 12, 2016
well, kurama is surely happy.
                              bitch is you blind? ._. kurama is never happy!! well until naruto and kurama teamed up.
I got confused at most of the lines right now but all I know that there a older Naruto and Sasuke in their baby bodies and kurama was free
Yanderekim Yanderekim Dec 28, 2015
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godsgiftisthecello godsgiftisthecello Dec 20, 2015
I sooo... didn't get this chapter, could anyone give me a brief summary? (thanks)