Full of lust

Full of lust

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Reader is gender nutural so 



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I always play mario kart on the wii since bowser jr isnt in the wii u
DemonLordGhiralink DemonLordGhiralink Jul 18, 2017
I'm in honors math,had a A- or a B+ and was the only one in my class and the honors for 6th grade to get one of the tests right first try
MoonShire_River MoonShire_River Aug 14, 2017
I can relate to this so much, I still have the Wii while everyone else I know has a Wii U xD
Awww i want to see Ghirahim Nowww
                              *sees ledge and jumps off*
Lyra2600 Lyra2600 Dec 13, 2017
Now, imagine Groove seeing you for the first time. He'll most likely wonder who the hell you are.
- - May 26, 2016
As much as I would love that, HOW DID I GET IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE