Am I pretty? «L.S» (Editing)

Am I pretty? «L.S» (Editing)

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stargirl By sleepdeprivedloner Updated 7 days ago

"I love you more than I hate myself" 


Harry lives in a world of measures, sizes, weight, clothes and fashion. 

He lives in a world of perfection. 

But this world has left him broken and maybe a blue eyed boy has all the pieces.

Cover by: fireproof_stylinson

Hi I'm Harry Styles and this is how u walk sassy u gotta work it work it work it FIERCE
I object! It's literally impossible for Harry Styles to look ugly.
stylines stylines Sep 16
                                 AND THERE'S BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING,
                                          WHAT'S A LITTLE HUNGER?
                                                         I CAN GO A LITTLE WHILE LONGER
                                                                        he FADES AWAY''
                              yes I changed it
raniiia3 raniiia3 Jul 17
Never watched it before, Melanie makes me uncomfortable tbh.. her whole thing is creepy to me bc a lot of what she represents as her character is often internal trauma / abuse that younglings endure
raniiia3 raniiia3 Jul 17
Thank you for putting a triggering warning. I read a lot of stories that have rape in it put they don't put a triggering warning and i get triggered by it so i really appreciate you putting this ☺❤
KaixDecayx KaixDecayx Feb 20
First off, I love your disclaimer. The fact that you're advising people to get help and  find solutions to their problems is just 🙌🏼 like most people will write the story and wouldn't care if someone is triggered by it and so on.