Anakin's Assassin

Anakin's Assassin

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HAMILTON By Star_Wars_Fangirl_ Updated Oct 11, 2016

Vex, was an assassin. She would kill for any price. In her past days, she killed three Jedi, one of them included a Padawan. 

However, one day, she gets hired by the Separatists, and is given a lightsaber, trained by Count Dooku. She isn't the strongest Force user, but she can still use it however. 

She gets taught in the way of the Dark Side, and eventually, she gets sent to war, to kill a certain Jedi: Anakin Skywalker. She finds her way around to him, but there is a... distraction, and somehow, winds up into the arms of Anakin Skywalker, aboard his ship.

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MarissaNikolee MarissaNikolee Apr 12, 2016
The sentence would flow better if you replaced 'catched' with 'caught' 
                              'Quickly, I caught it, clipping it onto her belt'
anakinfangirl anakinfangirl May 22, 2016
It's Darth Tyranus....ehh but who cares?
                              IT'S AWESOME SO FAR!
AaronTaylorJohnson AaronTaylorJohnson Dec 31, 2015
Be very careful, he's the sexiest Jedi alive and you might fall for him
gaypunkxgaynerd gaypunkxgaynerd Nov 04, 2015
I love it so far! Can I ask where you got the pic of Vix? It looks really neat.