Rin's Little Angel 2: A Car, A Torch, A Death (Rin X Reader)

Rin's Little Angel 2: A Car, A Torch, A Death (Rin X Reader)

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leo By Panic_Boy_Pilots Updated Sep 03, 2016

Due to popular demand a sequel has been made! 

Continuing from Rin's Little Angel 

(Y/n) and Rin have been living happily together for 3 years. When your father finds out you've been with a demon all this time he goes into a fit of rage. He sends his troops to capture you, and they succeed. What happens to you while trapped in a living hell located in the clouds of heaven? And can Rin save you from your own kingdom in time?

***Heavily based off the Twenty One Pilots song A Car, A Torch, A Death. Listen to it before reading.

bunnixwx bunnixwx Mar 10
Well would u look at dat, A tøp fan.
                              Stay alive for beebo.
                              Not like i hv anything against u ;)
- - Aug 11, 2016
If I was there I'd be running around in a circle screaming. And they'd be like 😓 on getting Kaily calm da frick-frack didaly-dack down
TwillaNeko TwillaNeko Jun 25, 2016
I act like that everytime I go into an anime store and people would look at me like imma crazy bitch and make weird faces at me.
Daytime-Dreamer Daytime-Dreamer Jul 02, 2016
Omg i got a costume last minute amd it was a pixie outfit amd it didnt come with wings and the dress was SUPER short and everything else so 4 Halloween i was a slut 😂
Scarlet6606 Scarlet6606 Jan 06
I listened to the song it maid my cry when I for out what it ment "I'll take the grave, please just sent them all my way" it really made me tear up
Candy_890 Candy_890 Oct 23, 2016
My favorite holiday is my birthday. Lol I know it's not a holiday but it is for me. NO SCHOOL FOR ME BÎTCHES