Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios

Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios

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Queen of Hell By allymcalli Updated Dec 25, 2016

I will take requests. Reader x Black butler

So there will be 


Hope you enjoy!

thatonecupcake thatonecupcake Nov 14, 2016
I wanna make a pun so bad but I have a feeling people would yell at me for a bad pun
                              Oh well
                              I guess u could say Sebastian likes the pussy
Both times I read his name, I accidentally said the h as an s
thatonecupcake thatonecupcake Nov 14, 2016
Oh god not him. His weird tongue thing always makes me uncomfortable
_Yaoi_Everywhere_ _Yaoi_Everywhere_ Mar 27, 2016
Lol. If I dont get a job I want to be someone who makes the flower bouquets for funerals. Inspired by le Undertaker sempai ♡
Basically I was the er child of Undertaker but he committed suicide and I did after because I couldn't live with the grief?
thatonecupcake thatonecupcake Nov 14, 2016
Whenever I see the undertaker I just think of WWE's undertaker idk why