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The Grimsby Gouger is out for blood. 16-year-old Macy Shepard was trapped, scared and about to die, the only person who could save her life was Detective Peel and he really had a bad headache and not just because of his alcohol problem.

There is a murderer loose in the town of Great Grimsby and three girls are missing. 40 years ago the same happened, and Peel's father failed to catch his man. 

Are the new murders connected? Has the Grimsby Gouger returned or is there a copycat on the prowl?. The clock is ticking and three young lives are depending on Peel and his team to save them.

Shocked and shaken by family secrets of his own that come to light, Peel is on the trail of not one but two vicious killers.

Follow the rough and ready detective as he ploughs headlong through his own troubled past, searching for answers to secrets long hidden from him.

  • abduction
  • abuse
  • blurb
  • crime
  • detective
  • drama
  • fiction
  • horror
  • killer
  • luther
  • murder
  • murderer
  • mystery
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  • serial
  • suicide
  • suspense
  • teenfiction
  • thriller
  • whodunit
neverwas777 neverwas777 Aug 12, 2017
😂 It took one paragraph prove that you have. Hopefully, I'll get to read the rest soon.
Anniemena Anniemena Jun 04, 2016
Hmmm this seems to be an interesting story so far,I like the cover too,
MNFreedman MNFreedman Jan 30, 2016
Good start. Some small polishing things to be fixed but overall very good. :)
LeeBellRamos LeeBellRamos Sep 17, 2016
"One look her in her eyes" <<<< her is doubled.. just this one correction okay... 
                              You've done great thus far..
little_miss_ethereal little_miss_ethereal Aug 19, 2016
I like the rhyme, but it's somewhat a bit clunky to find the rhythm. Love the chapter though.
cherryblozom cherryblozom Sep 30, 2016
This was awe-inspiring! The descriptions are so well written, and the wicked theme of the story! I love it all. So excited to read more :D