Dear No One | Ethan Dolan Fan Fiction

Dear No One | Ethan Dolan Fan Fiction

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Erica By heyitserica99 Completed

Loneliness. Sadness. Depression.

These are all emotions 15 year old Brittany experiences and journals about on a daily basis. She feels that no one cares anymore and that she is unlovable. Her best friend starts bullying her with the help of her boyfriend, Grayson Dolan. Ethan, his twin,  becomes friends with Britt, but can he even begin to help this drowning girl?


Frequent mentions of depression and suicide thoughout most of the book so please don't read if you are easily triggered. I don't want anyone getting hurt <3

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Me too i swear are you like watching my life and writing it down or what
dolaninlove dolaninlove May 28
Everyone should just stfu and get outta here before I cash them ousside
I'm not athletic at all either, I like singing and I do it a lot, I think I improved but it doesn't really sound good :(
Wow, I never thought that a book description would describe how I feel about poetry x well done on the book btw it is great
She is already my bff i dont care i am ugly she is ugly we will make a perfect match
its sad and heart wrenching how someone has to kill themselves for people to realise how much they are really worth and then all those people who bullied them feel "bad"