Devlin: Possessive Instinct ~ Soul Mates

Devlin: Possessive Instinct ~ Soul Mates

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lolliPopsAngels By lolliPopsAngels Updated May 19, 2016


My whole family is divided. Half of them say that finding your soul mate is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Whereas the other half, the half that have not met their soul mates speak of extreme loneliness and heart breaking pain. They never got to share that bond. I never expected to find my soul mate so young.
I was wrong.
But the one thing that my family forgot to tell me, is that when us Salvador's fall, we fall hard. 


I've lived my whole life in England. Survived the weather and it's normally rainy glory and secondary school with high level exam results. I never expected my Father to be transferred to the American segment of the company he worked for.
I was wrong.
But the one thing that I never expected was a possessive and protective man.

(This book may contain scenes of a sexual nature, violence and profanity. HEA)

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OnlyEmilia OnlyEmilia Jan 04
Why does this name sound so similar to the name „Damon Salvatore“
ZoroThePirate ZoroThePirate May 17, 2016
So... R they really twins or... Was she just.... Born really. Really late? Is tht even possible?!
Aalliyah Aalliyah Mar 29, 2016
It's scary how much of a coincidence this was. I was playing this while reading the chapter.😂
wyyyjrbycbtwyn wyyyjrbycbtwyn May 17, 2016
Ten months older? So the mum was pregnant for nineteen months, ok makes sense. So much sense. That she gave birth to one baby and the other decided to hang in there for ten more months.
DiamondTaylorSummers DiamondTaylorSummers Oct 29, 2016
I'm up at 7:20 ish and I wake up at 6:30 cause that's my alarms 😭 I hate makeup what's the point of wearing 30 pounds of crap when it doesn't really do much?
rudolph21 rudolph21 Nov 12, 2016
I live in Texas and I don't have a southern accent. I mean, it can kind of come out, but you would have to be paying attention if I say a sentence in an accent.