Kpop Yaoi Oneshots [Hiatus]

Kpop Yaoi Oneshots [Hiatus]

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MissRaisinHell By MissRaisinHell Updated Oct 13

A random collection of Yaoi [boyxboy] kpop one shots. Requests are open and more information can be found in the first part. 

Fluff/Smut/Angst etc. 


gumiro gumiro Jul 14
Ship name: Cheolgyu
                              Members: S.Coups × Mingyu
                              Group name: SEVENTEEN
                              Smut please. It is about a Mingyu who can do anything but he got bullied so Seungcheol who knew Taekwondo(?) did save him. And bla bla up to you but in the end there is H scene please.
                              Thank you <3
Ship name: Kaiho
                              Members: Kai x suho
                              Group Name : Exo 
                              Smut please : it is all about when suho is byuntae he keep on jerking off all day then one day when kai is came to his room to check him if his ok he saw suho jerkking kai is a gay.
T43M1NK00K T43M1NK00K Jul 07
TaeMinKook (Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook) from BTS. SMUT pleaseeeee
                              Members:jungkook and namjoon
                              Group name:Bts 
                              Smut please: can you do jungkook begging to be impregnated like Mpreg and also daddy kink thanks
Idk the ship name but Takuya x Shin from Cross Gene and smut
                              Jaebum and Youngjae 
                              Smut and a bit of fluff if you didn't mind :)