The Bad Boy's Toy

The Bad Boy's Toy

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He smirks, which has to be the most frightening yet the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life. "Hey there, Kitten." He looks down at my books and takes them and i gasp. "You and are i going for a walk."

My eyes widen as he tosses my text book on the ground in front of my locker and then puts his hand gently on my lower back leading me towards the exit of the school and i shivered from his touch in fear. 

At first i'm surprised to see how gentle he was being, but then realized its all a show. Because there are cameras. Cameras that could prove him guilty of whatever he's about to do to. Just the thought makes me want to cry and throw up and repeat. 

He leads me outside and leads me to a jet black shiny 2015 Ford Atlas truck and I'm in awe when he snaps me back into reality by growling, "Get in." 

Oh shit. 

I'm dead. 


Ashley "Ash" Airwood.

Perfect Grades. 

Perfect Daughter. 

Perfect Sister. 

Perfect good girl.

Bain White. 

Bad reputation. 

Bad player habits. 

Bad temper. 

Very Bad Boy.

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MadisonNicole_ MadisonNicole_ Nov 20, 2016
She's really annoying me with how she is talking about her brother like chill
18daydream18 18daydream18 Sep 04, 2016
"I'm the time of girl" yore the time of all girls wow 😂😂
JaneAndJeffBelong JaneAndJeffBelong Dec 05, 2016
U said black hair.... See? I caught ya slipping, huh?😎😎😎
stiles_grimes stiles_grimes Oct 20, 2016
i cannot relate with this character at all 💀 im prolly like her bff ryan
LucyxNorris LucyxNorris Oct 22, 2016
I stayed home alone at like 8. I'm 13 now and I'm usually home alone it's chill
um okay i like ryan why do y'all hate her. she's trying to get her uptight snobby friend to have some fun