The Ideal Truth of Forever

The Ideal Truth of Forever

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Kat By CoordinatorKat Updated Aug 04, 2017

Touko White doesn't have the life of a normal sixteen year old. She is currently the Pokemon League Champion of Unova, the youngest one in the World at the moment. The press use this to their advantage and chase her around everywhere. She has to keep legendary pokemon Reshiram safe. Her mother needs help coping with a difficult time. One of Touko's closest friends wants more than friendship...

Touko's problems never end. However, her biggest problem is loving the enemy. She dreams of a young man with clear, green eyes who she last saw flying away on the legendary pokemon Zekrom. Flying away from her...

The life of this sixteen year old has never been this complicated, especially when an old enemy reappears. Can Touko save those she loves the most? Will she remain true to herself in the process?

Especially when the unthinkable happens?

**Note: if you're seeing this on any other place than Wattpad, this book has been reposted without permission. Please contact me at 'CoordinatorKat' on Wattpad to tell me if such an issue has occurred. Thank you.**

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