Mine (Aliens vs Predators fanfiction)

Mine (Aliens vs Predators fanfiction)

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He pounced on me. I felt his hands roaming everywhere up and down my body. His lips crashed into mine and claimed me as his and his alone. Damn, that's so sexy.

He broke away so I could breathe but he was relentless in his quest to show me what I meant to him. His inner jaw stoked my neck and bit my shoulder. Then I felt his teeth trail down my chest and towards my breasts. He rubbed between them and my back arched upwards in pleasure. I gasped and my nerved tingled.

His large hands grasped my waist firmly and held me still. One of his inner hands reached down to trail along my thigh. My toes curled in response to all I was feeling.

Garran's tail blade trailed up along my neck and then Garran ran the flat face of it along my cheek to caress my face. He was ever so gentle with me.

He planted a kiss on my chest before returning his face to meat mine. He kissed me full on the lips.
She was taken from her home but was not like any other human they had ever met. 
The queen treated her like a daughter, she found love and she found enemies.

M rated for sexual scenes and inappropriate language 
Human x Alien shipping

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