Our Little Sister || Yandere! Twins x Reader

Our Little Sister || Yandere! Twins x Reader

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C0L0UR By C0L0UR Updated Apr 11, 2017

When you get abandoned by your one and only parent on a cold winter evening, what happens?

You get all the attention as people keep pitying you and tries to steal your belongings, but a pair of twins protect you and take you in as their new sister.

Are you really safe?
This is a rewritten story, containing possessive and possibly obsessive romance and gore. This have no relation to other fandoms, people or books, it's all simply created from my imagination.

  • cute
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • protective
  • romance
  • siblings
  • twins
  • xreader
  • yandere
File-Clickable File-Clickable Dec 25, 2016
Kai, Kaito, have ya been watching Boku no Pico? WAT DE HELL
                              This is why I should stay homeless
KawaiiNerd14 KawaiiNerd14 Dec 27, 2016
I have a friend named Kaito... Looks like someone's locker is gonna be filled with whipped cream and roaches when I go back 2 school....
PrincessMannLen PrincessMannLen Dec 26, 2016
No wonder I am thinking about my crush.  I ate 2 things that have chocolate
Soratheskyy Soratheskyy Dec 28, 2016
"She's still 6 ears old Kai, She's way too young" BOI UR LIEK 9
AnimeGirls93052121 AnimeGirls93052121 Dec 28, 2016
*when you just had 3 king size kit kats*
                              .....WELL I GUESS I SHOULD READ SOME LEMONS NOW-
AjruleztheMuffinAJ AjruleztheMuffinAJ Dec 22, 2016
Ew. Yeah, call me childish... but this little girl is freaking 6.