Weeaboo {Ereri}

Weeaboo {Ereri}

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yikes By tatorutaruto Updated Jul 18, 2016

Sophomore Levi Ackerman is ready for a new year at Maria High, filled with maturity and studying. He's fully grown out of his Chuunibyou, or Middle School, Syndrome from two years ago, he'll have you know, and even switched high schools his first year for a new start!

Life is looking good for him, when a dashing young freshman, nose-deep in thoughts about Japan, plots his suicide to be stopped by Levi on the first day of school! Even after trying to get rid of the idiotic fool, the second-year knows that somehow, his high school life won't go the way he wants it to after all. 

//Levi/Eren modern day AU//

Disclaimer: I OWN THIS STORY PLOT. I DO NOT OWN SNK OR ITS CHARACTERS. THOSE BELONG TO HAJIME ISAYAMA. Also, none of the videos or fanart featured are mine, unless refuted. 

Weeaboo, copyright that_epic_turtle (Tātorutaruto)

Created: October 30, 2015

Ereri_Gayger Ereri_Gayger Aug 28, 2016
Great, Levi. Now you have to deal with this weeaboo for the sake of this book.
No please noooo stoppppooooooppppppppp you're killing me ere nooooooo boo erennnn
Muesli1 Muesli1 Dec 17, 2016
I am a bubble. 
                              I am no longer a bubble.
                              Who gets the reference?
Please no no no I hate weaboo language ugghh I can't caant noooo erennn am gonna die no ple-
TurtleHugger7 TurtleHugger7 Jul 31, 2016
my brain is trying to ignore it but my heart is screaming on the floor because of a potential marco joke
bendystraw_ bendystraw_ Dec 14, 2016
lol fourth period is orchestra for me too and sicth period i have english