Girls Can't Play Football

Girls Can't Play Football

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Lydia Jane By lydielou Updated May 09, 2014

Charlie's life has been dictated by football for as long as she can remember. Moving to Texas so her Dad could coach a better team shouldn't come as a surprise, but what happens when she gets there most certainly does... 

She misses her life back in New York, but she's quickly overwhelmed by the Texas heat, in more ways than one. But for better or for worse, she isn't sure quite yet.

I know, I know! I'm terrible at descriptions, but I swear, my actual writing is better! So, I started writing this story after watching all five seasons of Friday Night Lights and I was on a huge football, drama, hot guy infused high. So this story is what you get! Enjoy;)

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idonutcare999 idonutcare999 Oct 30, 2016
dude most of us in central Texas wear converse we only wear boots to things like weddings and the occasional dance
lilpump0017 lilpump0017 Aug 08, 2015
I hate ir when people make fun of cheerleading saying its not a sport you come tome practice then tell me that
lilpump0017 lilpump0017 Aug 08, 2015
honey I've lived in texas my whole life the heat does not fase me any more
thedamsam thedamsam May 14, 2015
I live in western new york and more people than you'd expect wear cowboy boots
thedamsam thedamsam May 13, 2015
I spent most of my life making fun of cheerleaders until 5 years ago and I love the sport now!
magcon_fan22222 magcon_fan22222 Dec 03, 2014
And most of Texas are just normal we don't say yall or howdy what that's stereotypes I hate I live in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS witch btw is were Austin Mahone and Jc caylon is from sorry forgot his last name but he's from o2l